How we supposed to… kiss!

Next to the whole hand shaking thing (click here to read my post about that), giving kisses on the cheeks is also a part of the greetings ritual. Also here counts the rule that women keep themselves for their husbands and only kiss men in the direct family (brothers, fathers and fathers in law). Though, this depends on if the men need to pray or their interpretation of Islam.

So, once you have figured out who to kiss, the next  decision  should be made: how many do you give? The average is about 3 kisses on one cheek. but, if you have missed the person or are happy to see him/her, the number might just run up to 10/20 kisses (yes, seen and experienced that, takes ages)

Then you need to decide along all the possibilities if you should do it on one cheek or on both. And since nobody seems to has rules for this, you need to be careful that you avoid an  accidental kiss on the lips.

A thing that I thought was strange in the beginning, but where I’m totally used to now: the men kiss each other and hold their hands. I know some other Western Cultures do this, but in Holland it’s considered weird and even a little bit gay to touch or kiss a men of the same sex. (For Arab men reading this: don’t worry about it, just a cultural difference!) It surely surprised my brother and father, being kissed by a boy for the first time.

Former president Bush holding hands with King Abdullah from Saudi Arabia

A bosa (kiss) from Jordan,






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