50 shades of Sheikh

Last week we had an important visitor coming over to our house. Apparently we had some evil or negative spirits hanging around which needed to be cleansed. Strange things did happen, but all were perfectly to be figured out with logical sense….

(VIP) visitors mean that I need to clean the house (not really my expertise, neither hobby). And under high-speed, while an actual time was mentioned on which we could expect our visitor and I had to do some other things as well. Again my hurry turned out to be completely unnecessary while our guest arrived awfully late at our place.

In advance we needed to prepare a bottle of drinking water and a small container with oil. You think why? Yes, that was what I thought as well…

By the time everything and everyone was set, Allahu Akhbar time was there. Alright, go pray. Yalla Yalla! I don’t mind waiting even longer…

Sweet tea and some cookies before coming to the action. The VIP first starts whispering in the open container with oil. What it exactly was, no idea. I suspect something from the Holy Quran. He did the same with the bottle of water. Luckily, no sputtering, while later it turned out that we need to drink this water and use the olive oil to protect us, the house, garden and even the car.

After the whispering part we (me and husband) needed to sit next to the Sheikh. First question was if we experienced hair loss lately. I had a really hard time not to start laughing really hard. Anyone who knows husband also knows that his starting boldness is a very difficult and not to forget serious issue to deal with. While I always bully him with the fact that he has such great genes (don’t worry, he also bullies back!), I couldn’t resist a laugh. You know that moment in where you need to be serious and not piss anyone off with your laughing?

Alright Carmen, focus! While we sat next to him (our butt on the ground, legs straight forward and hands on our upper legs) he started with Quran verses. Halfway we received the question if our hands and feet were feeling heavy. Of course I was the spoilsport while my answer was ‘No, I’m just relaxed’. So another round of verses came.

Towards the end, Mohammad was the first to receive the chasing away of negative spirits from our bodies. Again a moment of focus for me, while it was such a strange thing I was experiencing, that I started giggling again.

With an ordinary pen our visitor started hitting husband’s toes. After pointing out the toe that hurts the most, the hitting continues and is ended by pulling the certain toe until it makes the ‘khht’ sound.

Then, of course, it was my turn as well. I can tell you that I had a really hard time not to call our VIP bad words! Jesus, how much pain a normal pen can cause in that man’s hands. Ayaiaiai! Right on the nails and knuckles, repeated many times… Why my session took longer than the husband’s? Did anyone expect me to have more negative energy then others? I thought I was the sunshine of the house haha. Well if that damn negative energy is not gone now, I’m completely lost!

After that the usual preach (he wont be the first or the last one) of me converting into another religion came. Not willing to start a discussion with this man, I just smiled and listened…

I know that I should be open-minded while I live in a completely new and other culture. And I do try adjust to the local customs as much as possible, as any country expects from foreigners coming to live in their nation. Although every person mentioned in above story surely means it well, this is just out of my league. Plus, I’m happy about the way I am. I believe in logical thinking, good hearts, respect and friendliness, no matter what background or religion you have.

Though, it gives me opportunities to have a real good laugh every now and then, realizing what strange or crazy adventures I experience here.

Welcome to my life, where everything is unexpected or unplanned and nothing goes as thought it would!




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