Meet the family



Eid is a time when the whole family comes together. After Ramadan, Eid al Fitr (also known as Sugar Feast) is celebrated. With a lot of sweets (See here how we made mamoul cookies) and friendly wishes to each other. All dressed up pretty for this special occasion, so we took some nice pictures of the kids in the family.

We tried to get some nice shots, where you see kids being kids. The problem over here is that as soon they see my camera, they start posing the strangest poses without any smile. Probably because they see it from the adults, who actually don’t have any wedding/family picture with a smile. (At least not the ones I saw!) After making them laugh making funny faces or from a distance zoomed in, I made below pictures.

PS: Did you remember my post about remembering names in Jordan? It took me quite some time to remember the names of these kids (and from some kids I didn’t make pictures).  I’ll put the names with the pictures, so you can see the names.

PPS: Do you wish to meet these cuties in real? Book your local prepared dinner with In2Jordan. They’d love to meet you!

Here are the pictures!

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