What happened? Here’s an update!

I’ve been blogging on two websites now. On the news page of our website www.in2jordan.com, where I’ve been publishing news about our new programs and about Jordan. If you’re not following both: here’s a summary of what you’ve been missing:

New programs! We’ve been developing new programs (It’s not going that quick, a 2 persons office and a lot of off-line things are going on now as well!)

* Tough & Rough: 4×4 Jordan. A program in where you’ll drive with your own 4×4 jeeps through deserts

* Nabatean Routes: A hiking program for the real Petra fans. A Bedouin guide takes you on adventure along ancient trading routes.

* Cultural Highlights of Jordan: A classic Jordan tour where you’ll visit the main highlights of Jordan. Add optional activities to personalize your trip!

Jeep in Wadi Rum

Excursions. Although it’s only a small part of all the excursions we offer you, we are proud of the selection we have published so far. On most of the tours Mr. Mohammad, also known as Jandal, takes you on the horseback riding or hiking excursions. Click here for the overview 

Proud I am about the new excursion/ activity that allows you to take a look in the local life and taste the local cuisine. Since my sisters and mothers in law are fantastic cooks and because I want to empower them to make some money, we organized the possibility for you to come and great traditional and Jordanian meals!


Promotions. Our logo is finished! At this moment the business cards are at the printing shops. The logo is now also integrated on all online channels. Did you know you can find In2Jordan on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube and on Twitter? Pretty much all the social media channels are now running!

In the next months I’ll be working on new programs, such as a Pilgrim Tour in Jordan. Did you know Jordan hosts many holy places for both Christians and Muslims? And on the days that I feel creative I’ve been working on several items for our kids programs. Why not teach them while travelling? With lots of little projects, games, assignments and even an In2Jordan board game kids will learn the basics about Jordan while playing! (Even I like playing the games 🙂 ) 

Greetings from a Sunny Petra and for those who do Ramadan: Good luck guys, only a few days left! 


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