A walk in our backyard Petra

Sometimes I forget how beautiful Jordan is and how lucky we are living so close to one of the seven modern Wonders of the World. So me and Patricia from Petra Bed & Breakfast thought it was time to make a nice hike in Petra. But not via the normal route: We did the Wadi Muthlim route and combined it with the walk up towards the panoramic view of the Treasury. And because we are such good company, the husbands decided last minute to come too!

Me and Patricia, the beginning of the route

Me and Patricia, the beginning of the route

The Wadi Muthlim Route

If you are standing in front of the beginning of the Siq, there’s a small siq or valley located on the right side. It’s so small and with all the people entering the Siq instead of walking this route, it’s easy to just not even see that there’s a path! Just walk towards it and soon you’ll be on the right track! You’ll be walking underneath a tunnel through a valley full of blooming oleanders. We went in the spring time, and after the rainfall this winter, it was all green and blooming! (Please note that you shouldn’t take this route in winter times, the rainwater comes through this valley which makes it dangerous!) After a while you come across some big rocks hanging between the walls of the valley. After this part the valley gets more narrow. I had the feeling like walking in a maze, completely disoriented by the valley getting more narrow and making curves. In the end there’s sort of a T-junction, where you should go left (Not difficult; the right is a dead end) Here you’ll find the carvings from the Nabateans! The valley ends in another valley, Wadi Mataha. Here you’ll see many tombs, and the remains of Bedouins who used to live in here.

From here you can follow the mountain on your left side, which takes you along even more tombs. Walk your way along the tombs carved out in the mountain. If you walk continuously, you can decide to keep walking straight to end up at the ‘main route’ with to the left the way up to the Colonnaded Street, Byzantine Church towards the Monastery, and with on your right the way towards the Treasury. But if you’re up for a challenge, walk your way towards the Panoramic view of the Treasury!

Up to the Panoramic view: 

Nowadays the signposts are restored, which makes it a lot easier to find the steps up. If you’re coming from the Wadi Muthlim route you need to keep walking until you see the signpost or the steps on your left side up the mountain. If you’re coming from the Treasury you’ll need to walk along the Royal Tombs, you’ll find the steps on your right. Taking all the steps up is not that easy. It’s a really long way, and at the moment you think you’re almost there you will still need to walk relatively far (I was exhausted) before you come to the panoramic view point. After finishing all the steps up there’s a part climbing over the rocks. But the view is really worth and rewarding the walk!

Both routes are really great when you want to spend a second or third day in Petra without having to walk the same route every day!  

Here are the pictures:


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