My horseback riding mission

As a little girl I was completely fond of all animals, including horses. So we went to horseback riding lessons. Everything went okay and I was feeling confident sitting on a huge horse during the first 10 lessons. A bit too confident: when I decided to make a small jump I didn’t hold on and fell pretty hard from the 2 meter high horse. I never went back on a horse again, resulting in being really scared of these animals.

But my Mohammad has been working all his life with horses and already asked me the first day we met to ride a horse. So, in order to be with him I needed to sit on a horse! Since that time I’ve been starting to overcome my fear of horse riding. A good help are our friends Eid and Patricia of Petra B&B. Both horse lovers and –owners. And both Mohammad and Eid are experienced horseback riding guides! A nice day out with our friends quickly turns out in a short horse ride on the beautiful way from Petra B&B towards the area of Little Petra.

Since Jordan is so beautiful to go explore by horse and because you need to have dreams: On the end of this year we want to make a horse trekking from Petra to Wadi Rum.

Until now we have made different tours and with me on different horses in order to teach me how to ride them and in order to be able to sit on a horse for a longer time for the trekking to Wadi Rum.

The other day Mohammad took me to the High Place of Sacrifice by horse. A nice route along the sheep, goats and camels from the Bedouins, along the back side of Petra. (see the pictures in the slideshow down!)

Last week we also made a nice day tour by horse towards the opening of the new Petra B’IA Eco project with luxurious tents. A promising and inspiring project.

So that’s the progress until now!

Follow my blog to see how my horseback riding mission continues and to discover beautiful Jordan together with us and our horses…. 

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