Thanks to Gaddafi and Osama Bin Laden

How me and Mohammad ended up with each other

The first question people ask me when they find out that I live in Jordan: “How did you end up there?”  Here’s the story!

Red Sea Challenge

During my study Bachelor of commerce, my internship involved having a team of fellow students prepping our road trip from Amsterdam to Dakar. About half a year we were preparing our journey to the smiling coast of Africa. Short before we wanted to leave it became clear that Al Qaida was active in Mali, where we needed to travel through in order to reach our goal. Traveling would be possible, but with a military convoy which would join us on the dangerous parts. Since we wanted to make a safe trip, we decided to go on an alternative route. From Amsterdam all the way to Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunis, take a boat to either Italy or France and finish again in Amsterdam.

We managed to reach Jordan in about two weeks. When we were in Petra, we received the news that we couldn’t enter Libya. (The son of Gaddafi was refused a visa for the Schengenzone, so Gaddafi decided that all citizens of countries belonging to the Schengenzone weren’t welcome in Libya either.) Again change of plans!

We researched the possibility to take a boat around Libya but there weren’t any. Going to Egypt and go around round the Pyramids in our old cars would be a waste of money: for two days we’d pay the amount of money equal to a two week all- inclusive holiday. (Egypt has crazy rules for importing second hand cars.) So, there wasn’t any other option than turning back. Luckily we were able to set out a fantastic route, different that the way we came. At the same moment, one of my travel mates became sick which made us decide to stay another day in Petra.

You can call it faith, meant to be or being lucky; at this moment I bump in to Mohammad. Since that day we’ve been in touch via all kinds of media (text messages, Skype, Facebook) for about one and a half year before I decided that I wanted to go on a holiday to Jordan and of course Mohammad. This was a few months before I would graduate. By the time I had my diploma, I figured that I didn’t have a job or a mortgage anyway, and that I wanted to see how living in Jordan with the love of my life would be. And so far so good, I love my life!

Enjoying life in Jordan!


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