Yalla Yalla!

So, there we are. After one and a half year living together and loving in Jordan we decided to start up or own business; a travel agency! In this relatively short notice of time, we have seen a lot of good things, but also a lot of things where there’s room for improvement in the tourism sector. We talked and talked about it and figured that we’d organize it differently if it would be ours.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the organizations do really nice work! Still there is room for improvement. Think about strategic management, financials, planning (The agenda of an average Jordanian doesn’t go much further than tomorrow) or simply the English language. Things that I would consider important when using services of any business, but certainly when it comes to that special holiday which you have been working all that time for!

Jordanian Flag, Petra

And who had ever thought it: now it’s our time to proof that we can realize this, exciting! Now we are in the stage of starting up our own travel agency, named “In 2 Jordan”. A good moment to start blogging about my personal experiences, business wise but also outside of the office. Why? To get my thoughts straight and maybe you have great ideas or feedback as well. Maybe I even inspire you to visit the beautiful Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (I’d love you to do that!) or just to gain more information about our country and its fascinating people. In both ways, you’d be -In 2 Jordan-, right?

Currently we’re working on the website, you can check out the first versions via www.in2jordan.com. I’m updating on a daily basis, let me know what you think!


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